Disturbing London Apparel has been rebirthed as DSTRB.LDN

Disturbing London launched their apparel label in 2012 in collaboration with Selfridges, other later collaborations include; MHI (Maharishi), Nike, Prism and more recently Daily Paper. A fresh and current creative direction has been nurtured for the apparel branch of Disturbing London.

Having a slick and modern aesthetic DSTRB.LDN aim to be an accessible streetwear brand that has been developed to serve as the uniform of the street. Adopting a classic, current and forward thinking style all in one. The inspiration behind the hats & tees are based around casual uniforms, graphic poster artwork and the textures of London. We used these themes to build a visual that has an authentic London vibe with a global ambition.

The apparel relaunch arrives in time for Disturbing London's 10th Anniversary.